Cricket / ODIs

Diaries Down Under

By Shalabh Manocha 

Feb, 16

Monday morning in Adelaide felt like the day after Holi or Diwali in India- when you wake up almost hungover after a day of revelry and merrymaking. While there was loud music playing on the roads late last evening, along with Indian fans’ almost deafening screaming and shouting in celebration of their side’s sixth win against Pakistan in yet another World Cup, it was almost silent in comparison today, and all one could hear was the sound of traffic. Even the Adelaide Oval which was the centre of attraction for the last few days will remain closed for next three days.

The supporters of both teams could be seen sitting on roadside cafes and restaurants, looking much more sober and discussing last night’s events. Ireland defeating the West Indies in their league encounter was also the topic of some debate, along with, of course,  discarded India cricketer Yuvraj Singh bagging a whopping sixteen crores by IPL franchise Delhi Daredevils in the latest auction in Bengaluru.

Across the road, some Indian supporters had gathered pretty early in the morning amid rumours of Indian players visiting the mall on Rundle Street. To their disappointment, none of the players showed up. Later in the day, the players were said to have left for Melbourne, where they will be playing South Africa on February 22.

While all went well on this lazy day in Adelaide, there were reports from Sydney that a group of India and Pakistan supporters were involved in a brawl last night after watching the game at a bar.


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